M.W. Keller & Son provides all of its clients with clear and practical guidance on the preparation and drafting of their Will and Estate planning and wealth management matters in general.  We can assist you in every aspect of drafting Wills, including reviewing existing Wills and providing tax efficient advice in relation to Estate planning. All of our clients are provided with an on-site safe keeping facility for their Wills at no extra cost to them.

After the passing of a loved one we will assist in the extraction of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and advise clients in relation to every aspect of the administration and distribution of the Estate.

Administering an estate

We will advise personal representatives on their legal duties and responsibilities and beneficiaries in relation to the terms of a Will. A personal representative can be either an “executor” or “administrator”. Executors are the persons named in the will to deal with the estate. Where there is no will however the person is deemed to have died “intestate” and in those circumstances one or more of the closest living relatives are entitled to deal with the estate and this person or persons are called the administrator(s). The function of the personal representative involves the protection of assets of the Estate, taking reasonable steps to secure property and valuables, arranging lists of property and valuables and arranging for valuations of property and shares etc., finding out what debts have to be paid and obtaining all other information necessary to obtain the legal documents which will allow the executor or administrator to deal with the Estate.

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Making your will

There are a number of steps involved in making a will. We have prepared a useful checklist for this, please click here.

Client Testimonial

MW Keller have advised our business for many years. We find them to be an invaluable resource, as given their size and breadth of clientbase, they've seen and heard it all before, so are advising us based on first hand experiences. - DVF Print & Graphics Solutions

Client Testimonial

I am pleased with your firm’s service and everything has been answered in a timely manner. I appreciate having your firm handle my case; they have put my mind at ease. I would absolutely recommend your firm to family and friends.”