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    Consequences for Directors of leaving a company to be struck off

    Due to the financial difficulties that many businesses are currently experiencing, many directors and shareholders of companies are tempted to simply abandon the company without arranging for the appointment of a liquidator to wind up the company. Members Voluntary Liquidation To place a company into a Members Voluntary Liquidation, the directors must follow a Summary […]

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    Capital Acquisitions Tax and Disclaiming Gifts/Inheritances

    Most people who have ever received a gift, inheritance or dealt with a Discretionary Trust will be aware of Capital Acquisitions Tax (hereinafter called CAT). The focus of this article is to illustrate the benefit of disclaimers in relation to CAT. CAT is set at a rate of 33% for gifts or inheritances and depending […]

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    The Rise of Ransomware

    Incidents of cybercrime have been steadily rising over the last number of years in Ireland. In recent months there have been reports of a particular type of software being used which encrypts a computer and demands payment for the encryption key. This type of software has appropriately been named “ransomware”. In 2015 a European wide […]

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